Alpine Hemlock High Speed Commercial Hand Dryer - Chrome


  • A high speed automatic hand dryer with a unique design offering a blue light for hand drying efficiency. Powerful 25000 RPM motor.
  • 120V
  • 10 seconds drying time
  • Stainless Steel 304. 12 5/16" H x 11 13/32 W x 6 11/16 D
Chrome, ea
Manufacturer #400-10-CHR
  • Description

Excellent for high traffic bathroom areas. Saving thousands of dollars per year in paper towels and electricity, it is also equipped with a plug-in option for quick and easy installation. Hand dryer automatically activates when hands are placed beneath the sensor and stops when they are removed. Also features auto-stop function if hands are not removed after 63 seconds. Can be hardwired or plugged-in for quick installation. Blue light for users drying efficiency. Template provided for easy installation.