Concrete Polishing & Epoxy

Tri-County Supply’s concrete polishing and epoxy flooring is the industry standard in commercial and industrial flooring.

Why Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing complements modern and classic designs – projecting a clean, sharp, and progressive image by transforming a dull, distressed concrete floor into an eye-catching showpiece.

Tri-County uses a nine-step dry polishing process in which a progression of abrasives grind, hone, and polish the floor to a 3000 grit finish. Proprietary densifiers are used in the process to strengthen and bind the substructures as well as enhance its shine & reflectivity.

We work within your deadlines and are phased to accommodate flexible timetables. Our crews can work at any time, day or night, to avoid disruption of ongoing business. All grinders are equipped with dust skirts and industrial vacuums and auto-scrubbers are used in-between each step to promote jobsite cleanliness and safety.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

  • Impressive appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • No disruption to ongoing business
  • Positive Image perceived by customers & employees
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Safe & Slip Resistant Surface
  • Exceeds ASTM, OSHA & ADA Standards
  • Strengthens and Hardens Concrete

Why Epoxy Coatings?

By delivering proven performance characteristics in a wide variety of applications at attractive price points, epoxy and resinous coatings have stood the test of time as a commercial and industrial flooring system.

Tri-County uses multiple coating systems but by far the most popular is a two-part 100% solid high build epoxy system. Existing coatings are removed by shot blasting or scarifying – depends on application. A primer is applied that penetrates into the substrate providing superior bonds between prepped concrete and the prime coats that follow.

Benefits of Epoxy

  • Durable
  • Chemical and Abrasion resistant
  • Great for designating walk ways and safety path
  • Easy to clean